Founded in May 1993, during the annual conference of the American Literature Association (ALA), with the encouragement and support of Alfred Bendixen, Executive Director, and its Executive Board, the African American Literature and Culture Society (AALCS) initiates and encourages critical dialogue, scholarly publications, conferences, programs, and projects devoted to the study of the African American Literature and Culture. Its specific objectives are to (1) explore more fully the study of African American literature within the context of contemporary theory and more traditional discourses, (2) validate a larger cultural context and avenue for understanding this body of material, (3) broaden and expand the appreciation of the context of this body of literature; and above all, (4) encourage participation of undergraduate and graduate students in this venture.

At present, the AALCS sponsors panels at the annual conferences of ALA in Boston and California.

Current Officers:


Belinda Waller-Peterson (Moravian College)

First Vice President:

Jean-Phillipe Marcoux (Université Laval)

Second Vice-President:

Rachel Carr (Lindsey Wilson College)


Grégory Pierrot (UConn-Stamford)

Contact us at AALCSociety@gmail.com


Past officers:

Founding President: Wilfred D. Samuels (University of Utah, Salt Lake City)

Loretta G. Woodard (Marygrove College)

Aldon Nielsen (Penn State)

James Braxton Peterson (Lehigh University)

Shirley Moody-Turner (Penn State)

Grégory Pierrot (UConn-Stamford)